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Commonly Asked Questions

     Q: What if we need to redesign our space and want to move our table after it has been assembled? Or if we move houses?

     A: No worries! We have moving services! Our team aids in moving pool tables to new spaces. We 

recommend never moving a table in one piece. It is best to let the experts help you move your table due to 

its size and weight. Our team will carefully take apart your table, move it, and then reassemble the table– just like new!

     Q: What kind of maintenance is needed for a pool table once it has been delivered and assembled?

     A: There is very minimal upkeep required in owning a pool table. We recommend a cover for when you are not playing to keep the felt clear of debris. The felt and table surfaces can easily be cleaned with a lint roller or gently with a handheld vacuum. It is important to keep furry friends from climbing on the tables to avoid scratches and dirt. Our tables are made with the highest quality, so there is rarely a need for replacement beyond felt years down the line. 

Check out our blog for more information on upkeep!


Q: How big of a space do I need for a pool table?

A: Check out the dimensions and descriptions given on our website for pool table specs. Tables commonly come in 8ft and 9ft. Space is needed on all four sides of the table for full shooting range, however, smaller cue sticks are available for purchase. 

Q: How soon after I order can I expect my pool table to be delivered?

A: Great question! Our delivery window is dependent on whether or not the table is in stock, as well as any delays associated with our multiple manufacturers. If in stock, you can expect your pool table in about two weeks! We ask that you give ample time between ordering and your needed date to accommodate any types

of delays. We do our best to ensure your table arrives on time and as soon as possible.

     Q: How do I know which table is best for my space?

     A: With so many options, the hardest part of buying a pool table is picking the best one! This is a piece of furniture, so just like a chair, start with the table you love most! From there we’ve got you covered, delivering quality tables to your space every time. Stop in the store and we can assist you in finding the best table 

to fit your needs. 

     Q: How long will it take to assemble my pool table?

     A: Each pool table is assembled in a few basic parts and installed according to the style of table.

We ensure each pool table is built to perfection, and perfection takes time. We like to give an estimate of 

about 1-2 hours to guarantee enough time to set up, assemble, and carry away all leftover boxes.  Don't worry, our team works swiftly and efficiently to get you playing as soon as possible.


All of our tables are custom-built and assembled on-site. If you choose our free curbside delivery, please note your purchase will be delivered by one of our team members. We do not ship our items, we hand deliver. 


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