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Check Out Some of Our Favorite Mike Massey Trick Shots!

Custom Shot

Watch this charming spin on a classic trick shot performed by Mike Massey. Coined 'Parting of the Red Sea', this shot divides the balls across the table in hopes the nine ball falls into its designated pocket. Here, Mike has set up a deck of cards-- see the magic unfold...

The Amazing Boot

Performed at the end of the show, Mike finds a cowboy boot to incorporate into his next trick.Below, Mike 'jumps' the cue ball off the table and into his boot several feet away. 

Mike Massey performs this trick utilizing common billiard supplies. Using his Meucci cue, Mike banks the shot flawlessly.
Similar to the one above, for this trick Mike uses two ball racks along with a setup that mirrors his 'Parting of the Red Sea' shot. 

Chattanooga Choo Choo

Coined Chattanooga choo choo, this trick shot's name speaks for itself.

An inconspicuous setup leads to the clearing of the whole table.
From our show on February 18, Mike Massey performed this shot with an audience member. This shot not only focuses on getting the billiard balls into the right pocket but also on the end location of the cue ball. 
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