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Breckenridge Shuffleboard Table

This upscale design and high quality components create a stylish look built to last. This table features a super slick play surface for smooth-sliding action.


9′ shuffleboard table

Walnut Finish

X pattern style legs

Carpet padded gutters 

Two wooden abaci scoring units

Wood shuffleboard table includes: 4 blue and 4 red pucks, 1 can of wax


9′ Shuffleboard:

Shuffleboard table 108″ x 24″ x 31″

Shuffleboard play surface 98″ x 14″ x 1.75″

Weight 215 lbs


NOTE: Shuffleboard wax beads must be used to in order for the pucks to slide down the playing surface. Never slide a puck with out applying wax beads to the surface.

Presidential Billiards Breckenridge 9ft Shuffleboard Table

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