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    The Cuetec evolution continues with the next generation of Cynergy Truewood Series Cues. Featuring an all-new construction utilizing Cuetec’s Clear-Tec epoxy resin finish for increased stiffness and reduced vibration, every Truewood series cue is enveloped in exotic veneers surrounding a kiln-dried Canadian Maple core and is adorned with precision cut Truewood Shield rings. Available with the “Player’s Choice” of Cynergy 11.8 or 12.5 carbon fiber composite shaft, each Truewood Cue delivers unparalleled hit consistency and feedback.

    • Merry Widow Design
    • Highly figured Truewood Walnut Veneer
    • A+ grade kiln-dried Canadian Maple Core
    • Silver Truewood Shield Rings with Creme Accent Rings
    • Clear-Tec® Epoxy Resin Finish
    • Cuetec Acueweight Generation II
    • Duo Extension Ready Bumper
    • CT Joint Protectors
    • Cuetec Shaft Cleansing Wipes

CYNERGY Truewood Walnut I (12.5 Shaft)