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White on White

Meet the Team!!

We may be a small business, but our team is mighty!

Mike and Barb Kemp are the brains and brawn behind Allentown Tables. They started the business by running on jobs and doing installs together. Now Barb is the backbone of the business, working with customers before the install and designs in the showroom. While Barb is striking a deal, Mike is out on the road building and assembling. He's making dreams come true! He works with Josh on every install, our certified install crewman, and together they bring smiles to every customers face. Josh and Mike are our powerhouse team installers!

Of course we can't forget about the Allentown Tables Pool Dogs, Lexi and Louie. They help ring in the cuteness and win every customer's heart. Bring a milk bone and you'll be their new best friend.

Interested to learn more about the faces behind Allentown Tables? Let us know!

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