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Allentown Tables Guide to Cleaning Your Pool Table

So you've just bought your pool table. Your endorphins are probably still rushing as you rack up the billiard balls for the first time. And there really is nothing better than that first break on your new pool table. The question is, how do you keep the novelty of your table? Below are some simple ways to keep your table shining, just like your skills.

1. Brush

To help preserve the life of your table, it is important to regularly clean the surface with a soft bristle brush. This keeps your table felt free of debris and looking like it was just installed.

2. Vacuum

A hand held vacuum is a great option for cleaning the top of your pool table. While it is an effective option, it is important to ensure you are using a gentle hand and not digging into the felt. Be sure to use the proper attachment to prevent wrinkling of the tables surface.

3. Lint Roll

A favorite cleaning option! Quick, cheap, and effective-- especially for microscopic hairs and dust.

4. Table Cover

Table covers are the best long term investment-- especially if you have any furry friends racking up with you. These can be a great way to keep the longevity of your table, preventing not only dirt and dust but also nicks and scratches. Table covers come in a variety of shades and sizes to match your aesthetic and room.

5. Furniture cleaner

Furniture cleaner can be purchased from a multitude of locations and a variety of brands. The best kind for your table would be a two in one cleaner and polish spray to keep the shine of your table.

When you purchase from Allentown Tables, we ensure that your table will continue to play like new from the first break until the last. It's only right we help you keep it looking that way too.

Any additional questions? Feel free to stop in the showroom or call Barb!

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