Legacy Winston Pool TableCabinet and Hardware1.25" thick solid wood cabinet.Featuring Legacy Billiards patented Perfect Corner. Fully routered, hardwood notched panel cabinetwork. Available in four finishes; Old English, Black Cherry, Nutmeg and Port.Available in 8'Leg StyleContoured legs and masculine routered details. Fluted legs attach to the cabinet with a patented all wood corner construction.Pockets and SlateGolden tassels on leather pockets wrap around a die cast iron core for beauty and durability. Allentown Tables always uses 3 piece, 1" backed slate. Diamond honed and perfectly matched to provide a consistent and absolutely level playing surface. Rails and CushionsContoured and routered blinds.Pro-style rails with hand inlaid mother of pearl sites.Rails are secured to the slate by Legacy’s Power Lock. An oversized t-nut fastener is securely held into the rail by a solid hardwood core to tightly hold the extreme torque of the rail bolts onto the table. K-66 profile cushions are natural gum rubber. DESIGNER ACCESSORY KIT INCLUDED.PLEASE VISIT OUR ACCESSORY PAGE BEFORE CHECKOUT FOR MORE ACCESSORY OPTIONS.Professional In Home Assembly $400.00PLEASE CHOOSE STAIN BELOW

Legacy Winston Pool Table

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