This is a commercial quality table with Arcade styling features and heavy-duty construction. Huge size 7.5 foot Cyclone Air Hockey Table. One of the best quality tables on the market. Professional design for a hassle-free play experience!

•	Perspex acrylic playing surface, not MDF for superior puck action
•	Heavy duty cyclone blower for total-surface air flow
•	Solid aluminium top rail
•	Apron corners are ABS
•	Moulded solid leg made of ABS
•	Unique anti-flyout side rail design
•	Arcade style overhead digital score board, plays sound and reads the score
•	Overhead scoring tube made from Aluminium
•	Extruded aluminum top rail for arcade speed and lightning-fast rebound
•	Heavy duty construction for fast action and long-lasting durability
•	Includes: 8 - 3" Easy-gliding pucks, 4 - Heavy duty rubber mallets and a bottle of polish agent
Dimensions: 7.5'L x 4.5'W x 42"H / 71"H to overhead scoring unit
Playfield Dimensions: 6.5'L x 3.44'W
Apron Height: 12"
Weight: 230 pounds