The American Heritage Artero Pool Table

Unique Double Arched Cabinet

Cabinet and Hardware

1 1/4" thick Walnut cabinet. Double cross beams tie the cabinet sides together. All interior connections are secured by wood hanger brackets with pre-threaded steel receivers recessed into the cabinet. The walnut finish is hand rubbed, sanded, sealed and a pre-catalyzed lacquer is applied for a deep, long lasting sheen and beauty.

Available in 7' and 8'

Leg Style

Hand carved, solid hardwood Ball and Claw designed legs attach to the cabinet with a unique solid steel bracket system. Steel brackets are fastened to the cabinet and legs with steel bolts and pre-threaded receivers are recessed into the cabinet. This system provides optimum strength and rigidity.

Pockets and Slate

Genuine Matching leather Shielded pockets wrap around a die cast iron core for beauty and durability. Balls are held in this leather mesh pocket decorated with fringe and tie-back style tassels. Allentown Tables always uses 3 piece, 1" backed slate. Diamond honed and perfectly matched to provide a consistent and absolutely level playing surface.

Rails and Cushions

5" wide-profile top rails are solid hardwood! A 2 piece t-nut fastening plate secures rails and aprons to the slate bed for precision fitting. Mother of Pearl precision inlaid diamond sites are a nice touch. BCA Approved K-66 profile cushions with natural gum rubber. Solid hardwood sub-rails are designed for optimal ball response.


* The Product's Manufacturer, American Heritage, will not allow us to list our sale prices on the internet. Please call for pricing

Professional In Home Assembly $400.00

Please call for our in store sale price


Artero-7' and 8' pool table


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