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Picking the Right Cue Stick

Whether you are just starting on your billiard journey or you've been in the game for years, here at Allentown Tables we have walls full of high end sticks and cues. From Pechauer to Predator and all brands in-between, shop on our cue sticks tab above or come in the showroom to browse.

But with so many brands and styles, how do you pick the right one for your game?

Maybe this is your first time shooting? You don't really know where to start and you're not quite sure yet what you like. If so check out our accessory kits with cues included. Here you will find maple cue and in our Platinum kit they come wrapped with Irish Linen. This is a great way get used to the feel of a cue and start to learn what you like and what you don't.

With all these options, you might be confused on where to start. Maybe you've tried 'base' cues and want something a little more. But Googling can get confusing. What's a break cue? A jump stick? Why does this one come apart in three different places? Do I need sports wrap? These two sticks look identical but are!?

That's where we come in!

To pick the right stick, you first need to decide what your needs are. A break cue is going to be shorter and is designed to strike the ball with as much force as possible. Jump cues are multifunctional, but if you guessed they are made for jump shots, you'd be correct!

For both of these cues, there is a second joint added just above the wrap line that makes it removable. This eliminates roughly half of the cue's weight, and in turn, makes it easier to jump a ball. Trick shots here we come!

Of course there are different wraps and linens and materials that make up each individual cue stick, each adding its own element to the game. Some are lighter, others are heavier. Some have extra joints making them 'extra' adjustable. Wraps also help with grips and strengths.

The answer the question to which cue stick is right for you? Well, it depends! Every player is different, but don't worry we have a cue fit for everyones needs--just come in the showroom and try them out!

More questions? Call the showroom (610) 740 4444

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